November 12 & 13, 2016
Lake Charles, Louisiana

330 Arena Rd., Sulphur, LA
SILVER SPUR LIVE on the BAYOU has been selected for the Breyer Benefit Program!  We will receive CHASE who will be given away in a random drawing of all paid entrants!  THANK YOU, Breyer!!! 


November 12 & 13, 2016 – Lake Charles, LA

General Information


Show Coordinators:


Charlotte D. Martin

3097 Hillery Rd.

Lake Charles, LA 70611

337-485-5570 cell

[email protected]


which is a FaceBook group page that you will need to request to join – ALL show info, including a complete class list, is available here with Downloadable files.


Show Location: Holiday Inn - 300 Arena Rd., Sulphur, LA 70665 - 337-527-0858 - Map at top is showing correct direction - Hwy 27 exit #20 - head South - first red light/first road to the Right - hotel is last one on the right (sits away from the main road).  They are blocking 10 rooms at a special rate or $119 per night for our show (CALL & mention our show to get the special rate). Please, try to use them, if you can, but there are lots of other hotels in the area as well.

Judges: TBA etc...

Judges are allowed to enter any Divisions that they are not judging. Judges cannot judge their own work, or the work of relatives. Judges may be substituted where needed.

NAMHSA: Silver Spur Live on the Bayou is NAMHSA approved!  Any horse winning 1st or 2nd place in *NAN Qualifier classes will get a NAN ticket which will make them eligible to show at the North American Model Horse Shower¹s Association National show in the years marker on the cards.

Awards and Prizes: New and Recycled Ribbons up to 6th place in all classes. Full results emailed to all. Rosettes to Champs and Reserves, special Silver Spur Live awards, Door Prizes, Raffles, Drawings, and more!

BUY-INS: $1 Buy-Ins will be allowed.  Any contestant wanting to show more than the allotted number of horses in a particular class can do so by placing a dollar next to each additional horse over the limited number.

RAFFLE: Raffle donations are gladly accepted - we will have raffle items & sell tickets 1-$1, 6-$5, 15-$10, 30-$20 - The raffle will be drawn about NOON Sunday - Need not be present to win - If not present, winner is responsible for shipping.

Sales: Everyone gets one table upon entering. Extra tables, if available at time of show, will be offered for $15.00. You are welcome to bring things to sell on your show table. Additional tables will be available for rent as space allows but you must request this ahead of time.

COMMERCIAL VENDORS:  Our hall is allowing us to invite vendors this year.  We hope to have at least one Breyer vendor & the 4H club plans to bring goodies to sell as fundraisers.

We will Not Supply a Printed Show Packet - You will be responsible for providing your own Show Bills.

Please join us! If you have any questions regarding the show, please send them to Charlotte D. Martin at the email or addresses listed above.

Hotel: There are several hotels within minutes from the venue.  These are not blocked for our show, but just to list a few: Super 8 Lake Charles-1350 E. Prien Lake Rd.; Comfort Suites-607 E. Prien Lake Rd.; Americans Best Value Inn & Suites Lake Charles-3231 Lake Street; Quality Inn & Suites-3211 Venture Park Dr..................There are MANY, MANY hotels in the area as well as just as many more in Sulphur,LA which is only about 10 minutes away - Do a Google search or MapQuest search to find the best deals!

Camping: There are hook-ups available on the site, but a Flea Market will be going on the same weekend as our show so availability might be limited. Contact the Burton Coliseum Complex directly 337-721-4090.  

*YOUTH DIVISION is for 16 & younger! YOUTH classes do not qualify for NAN. ALL 4-H youth (regardless of the parish or county) will receive FREE entry to the show – Please, provide a copy of your membership card with your entry form.

Show Rules


TAGS: Please use white 1” string tags for your models Silver Spur Live on the Bayou WILL BE USING the EMCAT numbering system this year. Front of tags should have only the model's entry number, breed and gender showing. See example at below, XYZ being your number, 001 being your horse's number. Only this side should be where the judge can see it. Back of tags may have your name and the horse's name so you can ID them. You can get a number by emailing Daralyn Wallace at [email protected] . There is a list on the Region 5 Facebook page , but Daralyn has the most up-to-date one.  Entrants MUST provide an emailed or printed list of their horses prior to the end of show.  Your list should be organized numerically by horse number & name & include your name, email address, EMCAT number and a contact phone number.


XYZ - 001



******YOUTH only entrants will NOT be required to have an EMCAT number - Please, let us know that your entry is for Youth Only & we'll issue you a SHOW NUMBER to be used on your tags!  Tag Fronts will have your NUMBER, your horse's NAME & horse's BREED & Gender - Tag Backs can have your name for identification purposes.



LIMITS: 3 entries per Performance Class - 5 entries per Halter Class - There WILL be a $1 Buy-In for those of you who want to show more than the allotted limit in the class!


HARNESS CLASSES: A proper harness is required. Cart or buggy not required, but recommended.

OTHER COSTUME/PARADE: Outfits must match the breed of horse.

HUNTER/JUMPER/3 DAY: MUST show with appropriate obstacles and jumps. Please state which event you are showing in.

DRESSAGE: Must state movement and Level – pattern should be included. All proper equipment is required.

CUTTING/ROPING/STOCK WORK: At least one Heifer required for cutting, calf or goat and rope required for roping, appropriate animals required for STOCK WORK. (HINT: CALVES are not used for Cutting.) Explanation cards recommended.

BARRELS/POLES/GAMES: All proper equipment (barrels, poles, etc... ) required.

TRAIL: This is to be ARENA Trail – Natural Trail would go in the OTHER Performance class.

OTHER PERFORMANCE: Any performance not listed. Packing, Showmanship, circus, etc... are allowed. Natural Trail would go here. Please state what event horse is doing. Documentation is highly recommended.

DOLLS may be used in any classes except Halter.


Halters are not recommended for Halter classes.

If you have a question about where a horse will go, please ask.

FOALS and Yearlings will show in the Foal classes and make classes only.

They have their own Championships, so they cannot cross enter into the Breed classes.

The CUSTOMIZED DIVISION (CM) includes all customized models. Repaints and etched models go in this division, as well as extreme customs. Any horse that has been altered from its original finish from the factory goes into this division.

The ARTIST RESIN Division (AR) is for all Artist Resins or Original Sculptures.

The BREYER VERY LIMITED RUN Division (VLR) will include BreyerFest & BreyWest Glossed RR Prize models.

The STONE OOAK/LIMITED RUN/EXTREME FACTORY CUSTOM Divison will include All Design A Horse (DAH) models.

The ORIGINAL FINISH PLASTIC (OF) division includes any horse that is mass produced from a factory. You would show all OF Breyers, Stones, Hartlands and any other OF Plastic models here. Any alteration to an OF model reclassifies it as a CM. Minor touch ups that are not noticeable are okay.

The OF CHINA/RESIN Division (C/R) is for any OF model that isn¹t plastic. Black Horse Ranch, H-Rs, Northlights, etc... go into this class. Any china models no matter how limited the run will go here as long as they are made of a china/porcelain, etc... material and are not repainted.

The MINI Division is for Stablemates, Pebbles, Chips, PonyPals, Currios, etc. sized models.  All Classic & Traditional scale models show in the Regular Division.

JUDGE OFFS will be held to determine Champs and Reserves in EACH Division. Please bring all horses winning a first or second place to the table when Champs are called for. Division Champions & Reserve Champions will be called back for on Over-All Division Champion & Reserve Champion


***PLEASE NOTE: Collectibility with be judged at the same time as Breed for All OF Halter classes.  You MUST provide documentation on Each model placed on the table for that model to be judged for Collectibility.  Provide the judge with as much information as possible about the model keeping this info within a 8.5" x 11" area.  Information about your models can be found at or  Models without documentation Will NOT be considered for Collectibility.

Workmanship will be judged at the same time as Breed in the AR Halter & CM Halter classes as well, BUT no documentation is required (please, do not display sculptors, painters, etc. of models).

***Another Note - If you assign an "odd" or "lesser known" BREED to your model, DOCUMENTATION should be provided that gives the breed characteristics, coat colors or patterns & any other information that would justify the breed assignment. This info should be kept within a 8.5" x 11" area. Pictures are a plus. This is also a good rule of thumb for models with 'odd or different' coat colors or markings - Show the judge pictures of 'real' horses featuring theses characteristics.


-There will be plenty of time for tack changes, however, to keep the show on schedule there is a five minute time limit between performance classes and once a class is called, no entries can be allowed in. So hurry!

-Anyone using bad behavior or language, or poor sportsmanship will be asked to leave the show hall with no refund.

-The JUDGE’S DECISIONS are final! If you wish to question a judge, please use discretion.

-DO NOT pick up anyone’s belongings without permission. If you break it you pay for it!

-JUDGES will not be allowed to pick up any horses, so please be sure the correct information is on your tags.

-No talking to judges while they are judging a class. No hanging out at judging tables.

-NO SMOKING in the building. You may smoke outside, AWAY from the door. Please do not throw butts on the property.

-NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES on the premises.

-Please LISTEN for all announcements!

***Please remember to bring an SASE If you want a hard copy of your results.

FULL RESULTS will be emailed to each entrant.*** Thanks to all for your cooperation. We want this to be a fun time that everyone will enjoy. Model horse showing is for FUN! Let’s keep it that way!